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 Usage of Language And Terms In The Forum

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PostSubject: Usage of Language And Terms In The Forum   Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:40 pm

Dear JCs

As for now, I hope that all you guys will try using english on your postings except in the kopitiam section. It's ok if you have broken english, we don't want to be too strict on this.

In respect for the foreign JCs outside Malaysia and Indonesia who might not understand the terms we use in Bahasa, please use english during your postings in other topics and sections of this forum.

We want everyone to understand the conversation.

And for the terms, please use the terms correctly. For example, use jc for jersey collector and not 'jersey' because some newbies here seem to tend misusing the short form we've been using frequently since the lowyat forum days.

Here are the 'unique' terms we normally use in this forum:

1. JC = jersey collector
2. pancut = 'very happy' after we've received our purchased jersey
3. poison = attractive jerseys/shorts/socks found being sold
4. taiko = the 'grand master' amongst jersey collectors
5. NNs = Name and Number set
6. PU = polyutherane (plastic material typed nameset, numbering or Patches)
7. BNWT = brand new with tags
8. BNWOT = brand new without tags
9. sapu = buy

* Will add more terms that we fill is used frequently and happily amongst the JCs that is approved by the moderators.

Thank you
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Usage of Language And Terms In The Forum
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